Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I've recently been thinking of the days when Charlie and James were born. Charlie came 4 days early. I was at work when my water broke, which wasn't quite as bad as it sounds (Fortunately, I was wearing black pants.) I went to the hospital that night and was in labor for 18 hours. I finally had him the next day.

With James I had a doctor's appointment the day after my due date. The doctor examined me and determined that I had been progressing. She asked if I wanted to have the baby that night and I agreed. I figured it would be better to go ahead and plan for it and that way we would have time to get someone to watch Charlie.

Baby #3 is due July 13th and it's still a mystery as to when he'll make his appearance!

Here are some photos from Charlie's birth day.

and these are from James' birth day

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b&j heckman said...

i love talking about the days jacob and isla arrived. thanks for sharing your special days. can't wait to see how this one arrives!! xoxo cjkh