Tuesday, June 02, 2009

OMG! a TICK!!!

Sunday evening was quite an event! Grammy was kind enough to agree to cut everyone's hair and even color mine! After she gave James his summer hair cut she proceeded to shave Charlie's hair. When she was finished I noticed something on the back of Charlie's head, at the base of his neck...I thought that perhaps it was a longer piece of hair.

What did I find, you ask? It was a tick!!! You heard me right...a TICK...ON MY CHILD'S HEAD!!!! OMG...eew...EEW! it creeps me out just thinking about it! Mike was able to remove it with tweezers so that all traces were gone.

If you want to know how to safely remove a tick you can read about it here.

James looks so much older now with his shaved head!!
Charlie insisted that I take a picture of his new haircut too. He always makes this cheesy grin for the camera!

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Cindy said...

WHAT a drama filled Sunday night was. FIRST, the buzz cut for James. I love his hair cut, he looks so grown up.

NEXT Charlie's hair cut, only to discover when I was done giving him his hair cut, you found a tick at the base of his hair line in the back. But Mike to the rescue! He sure made short work of that tick.

THEN, putting Charlie to bed, EXCEPT now, Mike wasn't so sure he got the whole BUG, so back up the stairs to get Charlie out of his bed to make sure there weren't any traces of the tick.

THIS TIME Mike had a razor in his hand to cut off more of Charlie's hair in the back but I think everything Charlie's been through, his hair looks great from the front! LOL

By the way, how does Mike like his hair cut? Think he'll let me cut it again?

I was tired when I got home, it must have been all the excitement from Sunday night.