Friday, October 02, 2009

Funny stories

I wanted to write down some funny things that Charlie has done or said over the past couple of months so that I don't forget. You may enjoy these.

On the afternoon that the baby was born Charlie was staying with his Nana. He was coloring and making large black circles on paper and said to her, "Look Nana, this is pain." Isn't this what they do in therapy? I guess this was his way of working through what had happened that day.

About a month ago while sitting at the dinner table Charlie asked me, "Mama, were James and I born in the minivan or the hospital?"

Another night at the dinner table this conversation took place:
Charlie: Remember when Will was born in the minivan?
Me: Of course, I will never forget!
Charlie: Why?
Me: Because the baby was born in the van!
Charlie: (sounding very excited) That was fun!
Me: What was so fun about it?
Charlie: Because we got to see the baby.

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