Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a New Year!!

I can't believe it's January already. We've been so busy at our house that I haven't had time to write anything or post any pictures for a long time. Yesterday I quickly added some videos to show what the boys are currently into.

Mike has been taking the boys skiing every chance he can get and they love it. Charlie can't wait to ski double black diamonds. The last time Mike and Charlie came home from skiing Charlie whispered to me, "I skiied down the black diamond, don't tell dad."

My little baby William is getting so big! He is able to sit up now all by himself. Almost 2 weeks ago he came down with a terrible cough and was very congested. He was not his happy little self at all and we had to take him to the doctor's office to find out what was wrong. The doctors ruled out ear infections, bronchitis and several other things. They had him tested for RSV which came back postive. We've been giving him nebulizer treatments for over a week now and he has greatly improved. He is a much happier boy now.

I am so thankful that my mom was able to come and stay with us to help out with the baby at night time and give him his breathing treatments, especially since I ended up getting sick as well. My wonderful in-laws take great care of Will during the day and they gave him his breathing treaments then too. The good news is that everyone in our house seems to be doing fine at the moment and I have a fantastic family...for that I am thankful.

Will watching the football game.
Daddy playing with the little guysJames and Daddy on the slopes. I like this one because they have the same look and stance...

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Lia said...

Omg Will looks so cute sitting there..he looks just like Costa! Well except Costa can't sit up yet but I can't wait. I am amazed about the skiing... your boys are braver than me!