Monday, March 15, 2010

Alcohol & Hiccups

Yesterday we all piled in the van to go to a friend's party. Mike and I were having a conversation in the front and out of the blue Charlie yells from the back, "If you drink too much alcohol, you get the hiccups." I was a little surprised to hear him say that and so I asked him how he knew about it. He told me that he had learned it from watching Tom & Jerry (the cartoon, can you believe it?). I asked him how he knew they were drinking alcohol and not something like juice. He replied, "Grandad told me."

This morning while getting dressed Charlie told me he wanted to eat his waffles then watch Tom & Jerry, because that's what he likes to do in the morning. When Grandad got there Charlie asked him if he had recorded the latest Tom & Jerry show...I wonder what he'll learn about today before going to preschool!!


Mel said...

HA that it too cute! The kids in my family call alcohol "Poppy Juice" because my dad always has a big martini in the evenings and the little ones were curious why they couldn't have a taste. They know it is for him only but sometimes ask to share anyway ha.

Anonymous said...


I just copied your logo from your blog to show Great Gram.

I also, printed some pictures and posts.

I printed:
1. The Day at the Park
2. Alcohol & Hiccups
3. 8 Months Old

She and Pap love hearing about what the boys are doing and enjoy looking at the pictures.

Love, Mom

Shell said...

LOL Oh, those grandparents!

Mom vs. the boys said...

lol that is funny! they pick up on so much, they don't need help from grandad! lol
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