Monday, April 12, 2010

Funny Sayings

Charlie's been saying funny things lately and I wanted to write some of them down so I would remember them.

At dinner a couple of weeks ago we had the following conversation.
Me: How old do you think I am?
Charlie: 49?
It's funny how old 4 yr olds think adults are. I'm pretty sure I don't look 10 years older than I actually am. (hope not).

While watching a show on tv that was talking about worms Charlie asked, "Do worms have birthdays?"

This morning Charlie was doodling on some construction paper with markers and one of his markers dropped on the floor. I picked the marker up and gave it to him and he said, "Thanks for picking up the marker for me. Picking things up makes me tired."

Friday night we watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution show. During the show Jamie organizes a flash mob at the local University. Dozens of tables are set up. Music plays. Synchronized dancers start to perform. And soon enough, part of a major college campus is cooking a stir-fried meal, all at the same time.

On Sunday Mike had the following conversation with Charlie.
Mike: Have you thought about which University you'd like to attend?
Charlie: I don't want to go to University.
Mike: Why not?
Charlie: Because all they do there is dance and cook.

Personally, if that's what really happened in University I'd be going back to school in a heartbeat! It looks like fun to me!

Here's a clip from the show.


Shell said...

LOL @ dance and cook!

My oldest(5) wants to go to college so he can have soda and brownies. We were there for my 10th year reunion this fall and they had soda and brownies for the kids to snack on. So, to him, that's what college is.

Is it too much to hope for that soda is the worst thing he'll drink in college? LOL

Mom vs. the boys said...

do worms have birthdays!!!! lol that is too cute! lol

Momma Such said...

He he! Silly boy! Sounds like some of the answers my boys have given in the past. However, one of mine said I was 70 once when asked and I was in my 20s! One of the others said I weighed 100lbs and then laughed and acted like that was a lot! I was proud of the 100lbs! he he! ;)