Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's Quiet Around Here

My wonderful in-laws took our two older boys to Disney World for the week (spring break) and it is so quiet in our house!

Things I miss about my boys:
  • Seeing them first thing in the morning and hearing them say, "Hi Mama".
  • Getting and giving hugs and kisses throughout the day.
  • Playing with them and talking with them.
  • Listening to the funny things they say.
  • Watching the baby get excited while he watches them play.
  • Having them at the dinner table.
  • Seeing their smiling faces.
  • Hearing them laugh.
  • Saying Goodnight to them before they go to sleep.

I know...they're only gone for a week and they're having a blast so I should take advantage of the quiet and enjoy some time to myself. I just miss them being around, they're fun to be with!

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Laura said...

I have four sons, and when all four aren't here, I always miss them.

Enjoy the time, though.

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