Thursday, July 08, 2010

Just Checking In

My week has been great so far. This is how my training looks for the week:

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Speedwork - 1/4 mile warm up, 3 x (1 mile fast then 1/4 mile easy)
Wednesday - Spin Class
Thursday - Tempo Run - 2 miles easy, 2 miles @ tempo pace, 1/2 mile easy
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - 9 miles
Sunday - Rest day

My long run last weekend was 8 miles on the W&OD trail. The weather was pretty nice. I started at 6am and it was about 67 degrees. I decided to wear my Camelbak, the kind that goes around your waist with the long tube to drink out of. It wasn't bad after I got used to the swoosh, swoosh sound of the water sloshing around (I don't listen to music). I thought I might like the fuel belt, but then I found out how much they are and decided to stick with my Camelbak for now.

One major thing I forgot to do before I left was to put on some Body Glide...I need to remember that next time because my sports bra started rubbing my side after I started sweating and it kind of burned. The run was great all except for the guy sitting on the bench beside the trail smoking a cigar...yuck!

I've been really thankful for the gym membership that my husband got for the family. The new gym that we belong to is only blocks away from our house. I've been getting up between 5 -5:30 each day during the week to either run on the treadmill or go to a spin class. I do my long runs outside on the weekend.

I'm looking forward to my long run this weekend. Hubby is going to be one of the supporters setting up drinks for the runners in the group run. He's actually going to have all 3 boys with him. The place where he is going to set up is on the W&OD trail near a park where they can play.

I also wanted to mention that I've really enjoyed reading other runner's blogs this week. I've gotten so much inspiration from them! I've also felt a bit of camaraderie. I never realized how hard runners really are on themselves...I mean I know that I am hard on myself sometimes, but I didn't realize how many others were like me.

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend, I know I will be having fun running and playing with my boys!!

*side note: I need some pictures of me running...I have none (no recent ones). I'm usually the one behind the camera. I will try to remember to take the camera on Saturday and have hubby take photos.


abbi said...

I had the same thoughts about the price of the different fuel belts when I started looking at them. My husband got me one for my birthday. I'm not crazy about it but starting to get used to it...not something I'm going to buy several different ones to try out! I forget the BodyGlide all the time too, and then regret after I'm finished. Have a great weekend!

AshleyR said...

You may already do this, but I'll say it anyway just in case you don't. If you "burp" the bladder after you fill it the sloshing noise will be greatly reduced. So, fill it then chase the air bubbles over to the tube and open the mouth piece to let the air out.

I hate it when I pass smokers on any kind of trail where people are trying to get fresh air and exercise. So inconsiderate!

Anne said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and good luck on the giveaway :)

How great that your husband and boys with be there to support you and your group on your long run!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Hey! Cool to find you/blog!

and w/taking runniing pics, i often just find myself taking' random self shots w/my phone-works for me, and i haven't got any complaints (so far!)