Monday, August 16, 2010

Adapt and Overcome

My Shin pain is back, but only in my right leg. I'm not sure how this happened. This is what I did last week:

Sunday - 10 mile run on trail
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 1 hr. Spin Class
Wednesday - 4 mile run on treadmill (no pain)
Thursday - 1 hr. Spin Class
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 1 mile run on trail (with pain) *This should have been 12 miles but I had to stop because my right shin was hurting.
Sunday - Rest
Monday (today)- Attempted to run on the treadmill, but as soon as I started I felt a bit of pressure/pain.

I'm not quite sure why it started hurting again, I'm thinking it might have something to do with doing too much in my spin class. I've decided to look at this as a minor setback. I will adapt and overcome! I'm going to stop everything for now (except for my core workouts). I will continue to ice and elevate my leg each day then attempt a short run by the end of the week. I might give water running a try, I've heard good things about it. Has anyone else tried this?

I am actually thankful that I joined this new club that Jamoosh from Last Mile Lounge started. It's called The Hard CORE Club and it's thirteen weeks of The Beginning Core Workout. This is definitely something that I need to work on and now that I'm not going to spin classes for awhile I can concentrate on improving my core. I started the Core Workout yesterday and decided that I will commit to doing it 3 times a week.


Rae said...

Sorry your shin is bothering you! It's a good idea to rest it even though it's hard to take off. At least you can still do your core workouts! They are killer!

abbi said...

I haven't tried the water running but I've read good things'll have to let us know if you try it! Take it easy!

Jennifer said...

I did a whole 3 months of deep water running, it was great exercise and the workouts really kept me healthy. Send me an email. I'll be happy to share more info!

Melissa said...

Hope you feel better soon. Core workouts are one of those things that feel awesome when you do it and then I curse myself the next day every time I laugh.

Erika said...

I run one of my training runs a week on an underwater treadmill (usually my five miler)!! It's amazing! if you lived close, I would take you with me! Ice massage (dixie paper cup, filled with water, frozen, peel cup back, rub ice cube on skin) should help a lot!!!

Molly said...

I do an exercise to help my shins, I raise up and down in my bare feet 100x's, then I stretch my calves. seems to do the trick.

Emz said...

YAY for hard core club! Awesome.

Sorry about the shin. :(

Lindsey said...

Shins are awful, horrible, trolls. I've been dealing with shin splints for over a year, some times worse than others. I still ice my shins pretty much every day (I'm icing them right now, lol).

I've wanted to try the water running, but I don't really have a pool here that I could use for it. Why can't I have my very own underwater treadmill? LOL!

Joanne @ mostlyfitmom said...

Injuries are tough to deal with :( Hope you figure it out!

Dash said...

Thanks for finding me, I'm so glad! I started the blog because when I started pool running, I had a difficult time finding info! :) I hope your shin pain goes away quickly!!

TRI-james said...

I am your 100th follower - woot!