Friday, August 27, 2010

Five for Friday

These are random thoughts and questions that I've been thinking about recently.

1. I'm curious why people hold on to the treadmill while either running or walking. I've noticed that all types of people do this; men and women, fit and not so fit, runners and walkers. Sometimes they hold on to the sides, sometimes they jack up the incline and hold on to the front. I really thought maybe it's some special workout they are doing, but my husband does not agree. I tried to find out more by Googling it and only find info saying that you shouldn't do it. Does any one know why people would do this? I'm just curious.

2. I've been looking at bikes online and I'm starting to get really excited about getting one. They are so expensive though. My 40th birthday is coming up next month and it may be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping maybe I can get one. Nothing crazy expensive, just a nice road bike. I've got my eye on a few.

3. Another thing that I'm curious about when it comes to the gym is this...I noticed on the Dailymile that a few people posted that they were going 28mph in spin class for an hour. My question is...are people really riding that fast in spin class? or are they just not converting kilometers to miles? At our gym they have the computer screen on the bike that displays RPMs, Watts and Kilometers. I have actually heard a couple of the instructors refer to the numbers on the screen as husbands take on this is that they want people to feel like they are doing well in class and improving so that they come back...would they really do that? I admit when I came home from my first spin class I told my husband that the screen said I had gone 27 miles and he explained to me that it was in kilometers...and I had really only gone 16.

4. I am a fast walker. Seriously, I almost run into people daily at work. I can NOT stand to walk behind a slow drives me crazy!

5. The refrigerator where I work is disgusting! it's really gross! I wonder if the same people that leave their yucky stuff in the refrigerator at work for weeks at a time do the same thing at their home? Eew.


Big Daddy Diesel said...
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Big Daddy Diesel said...

1 - I have always wondered this as well, everything I heard and read says it takes alot out of the workout, defeats the purpose of the workout

2- I am excited for you about getting a bike, I am a biker, love my roadie, what are you thinking of getting? Any questions, email me.

3- I bet anything its KM not miles, it is freaking HARD to get a bike to go 28mph on the road and even harder on a stationary one. I think the instructors dont know its KM on the computer, 16mph sounds about right for a spin workout average.

Andrew Opala said...

1 - The old treadmills used to measure your heartbeat when you clasped the two sensitive electrodes on the handle. It couldn't tell you how your workout was going if you let go. Maybe they don't have heart belts on?

2 - Happy Birthday

3 - always use cubits ... then there is no misunderstanding

4 - how many do you drive crazy walking fast ... huh?

5 - for those people, work is home ... don't look in the lower left cupboard, and please don't look behind the curtain in the storage room

abbi said...

On the treadmill - I used to do it when I couldn't keep up, even for a few seconds it would relieve the pressure off my legs...obviously this defeated the purpose of the workout and I know that! I hate slow walkers too...the worst is at a grocery store, mall, etc. for me.

Emz said...

I love #1. Seems uncomfortable doesn't it?! I'm with BDD!!

Jessica said...

fun post!!
1) i agree...i feel like people who hold on are maybe going too fast for themselves and should either decrease their speed or workout on different equipment that they can use properly.
2) yay for the bike! i hope you get it for your bday. HaPpY BiRtHdaY!
3)my guess is km too...but when I'm in spin class I don't worry about it and I've found that spin class is the only place I truly enjoy biking for speed. When I'm actually on my bike I like to cruise...go places. Usually to the beach or farmers market :o)
4) i am SO a fast walker too. this drives my husband and my kids NUTS!
5) eeeewwww...gross. i hope people just accidentally leave old food in the fridge at work (maybe bring their food to work one day then decide to go out and grab lunch with coworkers instead and then days or weeks later realize their old lunch is still sitting in that fridge. Yuck). Don't takes all kinds!

3LittleMonkeys said...

HAHA...I'm in agreement with #1. However, my mom holds on to the sides of the treadmill because she gets dizzy easily!

I hate walking behind slow walkers too!

momof3 said...

1. Sometimes when I run on the 'mill I get dizzy, so I place one finger on the bar to give me a reference point. Maybe they didn't get the memo that the 1 finger is enough?
2. Congratulations on the bike. i will now commence with the Bike Envy. I hate my bike. s'OK b/c it hates me two.

ajh said...

I don't think you get as strong a workout when you hold on to the treadmill. I am a very fast walker also. In fact when I started racing I was a walker. I also can't stand refrig. at work. Yuck! I take mine in and out each day. I leave Nothing there!

lindsay said...

oh man i haaaate slow walkers! every one at my work seems to just plod along. well, and people outside of work too of course. i'm charging along and then i come right up behind them and it's like screeeeech can't go around.

i always figured the people holding on to the TM while walking on a high incline were just trying to not fall off the back (in which case they should slow the speed/incline down so they can actually handle the workout) otherwise, no idea... well, sometimes i held on to it for a second in a run b/c i was tired! haha. but not the whole time, i promise.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

1. I have NO idea why people hang on. Unless it's an older person, then I think it's about keeping their balance.
2. yay for a new bike. FYI, bikes usually go on sale this time of year b/c the shops have to make room for the new year's models coming up!
3. 28mph??? No way! It has to be km
4. I'm a fast walker too and like you, it drives me absolutely crazy to walk slow!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...
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misszippy said...

These are really funny. I do wonder about number 1. As to the spinning bikes--love to see them try to hold that Lance Armstrong speed on the road. Not reality.

Good luck with the bike search and have fun with it!

Erika said...

My work just put a roll of tape and a marker on the have to date the stuff you put in there...stays more than a couple days and it get pitched.

Adam said...

i HATE when people hang on the side of the treadmill. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much - but it really does.

Bikes are SO expensive. They start at like $600!? Crazy

b&j heckman said...

#1. i do that!! one for balance if walking fast and flat and if on steep incline makes it so much easier!! and all my workout partners do it. lukily i only work out on the treadmill once a week. the rest of the week i do spin and i do not go 28mph that is for sure. but i love the work out!! and our work fridge is like that too - just think that is what happens with so many people sharing. lukily they would have a major fridge clean out day every few months. hope you are doing well. just catching up with your blog. miss you. xoxo cjkh

Lisa said...

haha! sounds like we would do well together if you visited NYC! I can't stand getting stuck behind slow walkers. Especially groups of slow walkers who take up the whole sidewalk! Even when I was wearing a boot on my foot when I had a stress fracture I was STILL passing people!

have a great weekend!

Christina said...

I think in spinning they may have hit that as a max number and then they think they did that the entire time. And saying something that is KM is actually miles is just wrong.

Tortuga_Runner said...

Good luck shopping for the bike. I got my first road bike this year and it is so fun. after riding a mountain bike for years, I feel lightening fast...when really I am still pretty slow.

Regina said...

I too have pondered the 'holding onto the treadmill' thing while using it. I don't get it either.

I hope your hubby reads your blog so he knows what to get you for your birthday. I just remembered it is my anniversary TOMORROW! Yikes.

Hope you get something shiny with wheels!