Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday Things

(Title taken from 5K RAE)

1. First, a throwback from the old days. This is my brother and me hanging out.2. This is a blurry photo of me on Thanksgiving morning after running in the 10k Turkey Chase in Bethesda, MD. There were 8,600 runners! can you believe that? All those runners running through the neighborhood and in downtown lane open for all those runners! It was fun though. I was happy that it stopped raining right before the race started.
3. This is the Christmas tree we got over the weekend.
4. This is the tree after we decorated it and there is the sleepy boy on the couch. I love hanging out on the couch each night with only the little white Christmas lights on. Every night my husband says, "I think this is the most perfect tree we've ever had."
5. I haven't run or biked since Sunday because I've been sick with coughing and chest congestion. I feel fine to go to work but have absolutely no energy to do anything. I've been taking medicine and I'm thinking maybe I'll go for a run tonight. The other crazy thing that's been going on is the inside of my shins get a little sore after running on the doesn't happen when I run outside, only on the treadmill. It's too bad, because I really don't mind running on the treadmill and it's really convenient for me since sometimes the only time I can find to run is later at night. Anyone else experience this? I guess I just run differently on the treadmill. I'm wondering if new shoes would make a difference?


Teamarcia said...

Love the throwback pic and that last one is precious!
Are your shoes getting up there in miles? Weird.

Emz said...

Not sure why but seeing a kido by/near/under a Christmas tree makes me feel like all IS right with the world.


Amanda@runninghood said...

Yes, what EmZ said! I totally felt peace when I saw that picture of him sleeping and the beautiful tree lighting the room. that is weird about the treadmill vs. outdoor running...I wonder what it is that makes your shins hurt. bummer. Hope your cold is better soon.

Johann said...

Lovely tree! I hope you feel better soon. I'm a big believer in new shoes when I experience niggles. I don't run on a treadmill so can't help there.

Kevin said...

I love the old photo. 8600 runners is a BIG 10K.


Quinton J said...

love this post. that throwback pic is awesome. who would've thought you could pair that jacket with those pants?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, 8600 runners!!! THats impressive

Sounds like you had what I had, I will be glad when its finally gone, only thing lift is the annoying cough