Monday, March 28, 2011

One Crazy Week

The Craziness Begins
Just when I realized how much my being consistent with running and cross training was paying off I get sidelined with craziness. It started Saturday night when Charlie got Croup. He was feeling pretty bad for a couple of days but quickly recovered after taking the steroids. He felt good enough to leave for his ski trip with his dad on Wednesday morning. James definitely got Croup from Charlie and suffered most of the week while periodically having breathing treatments. The littlest one was sick with a fever and on Friday I ended up taking him to the doctor to find out that he has Strep. He was given antibiotics and is feeling much better today. As of this morning both boys are doing well and are back to school and daycare.

Needless to say, with the husband gone and 2 sick kids I didn't get much done. I am very thankful that my mom was visiting us and I was able to get in a 9 mile run on Saturday. I can tell you that it felt so good to get out of the house and run!! I was getting a little stir crazy. These miles counted towards the Cupcake Marathon virtual race. (no, I didn't have colored ink for the printer and yes, I did color that in with highlighters...)
Crazy Excited

Charlie and Mike arrived in Winter Park, CO for the Nastar National Championships on Wednesday and Charlie competed in the racing on Saturday and Sunday. He has been having the time of his life! and so has Mike...I'm not sure who is having more fun. They got to see fireworks and listen to a couple of bands play. They've been skiing all day in fresh powder then sitting in the hot tub in the late afternoon followed by a relaxing night in front of the fire...Seriously, my 5 year old has a much more exciting life than I do! One night there was a raffle and Charlie ended up winning a really cool pair of goggles with a camera inside...they were adult size so Mike's been wearing them and taking videos with them, he said the quality is really good and it's in HD. Score! To put the topping on the cake Charlie ended up winning a Bronze medal and a new pair of sunglasses. What really made me laugh was Mike telling me that after Charlie got his medal he fell backwards off of the podium and some members of the US Ski team had to help him up!! it's typical of Charlie...he some times falls over when he's just standing there, but put him on skis and he's gone! Here are some photos of his epic adventure.

Crazy Scared
And last but not least, Mike and Charlie are supposed to come home today. Mike called this morning to say that Winter Park got 9.5 inches of snow last night and are expected to get up to 10 more today. The pass that you drive through to get from the hotel to the airport is closed due to an avalanche watch. There is no way to tell when that road will be open, it could be days. So, he decided to drive 100 miles out of the way to get to the airport. The roads are snow covered and it's not going to stop snowing anytime soon. He sent me this picture about an hour ago and said that he has 80 more miles to drive...ugh! I'm a little stressed right now and hoping they arrive safely at the airport and come back to me soon.


Emz said...

wishing them a safe arrival!

Love the photos. You stay in the lines very nicely. ;)

misszippy said...

What a little talent your son is! So cool that he is involved in skiing like that at such a young age.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

20 inches in 2 days sucks, unless your a skier, then its great, bad for bikers like me

funderson said...

ONE more reason for it to stop freaking snowing in Colorado!
I'm glad they had such a great time! Winter Park is rad.

Jenn said...

Yes, hoping they arrive safe and soon!!

LOVE the pics! I love that your little guy is into skiing! AWESOME! Congrats on his medal!!

It seems like my kids have a neverending sick cycle. Never 3 healthy ones at once in the winter!! Nice work on the 9 miles!!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Glad your boys are feeling better! Congrats to your son...sounds like a great skier! I hope they get home safe and sound!

Anne said...

Hopefully, everyone is home safely by now. Your little one is adorable and a great athlete too :)

Johann said...

Yay for that bronze medal! I don't blame you for not doing much running. Love the photos!

Molly said...

hope the boys got home safe! Too funny about your little guy falling over! Nice job getting the 9 miles in, gotta love it when Mom's are visiting!