Friday, October 09, 2009

The boys go camping

Our neighborhood has a "Camp out in the park" each year around this time. Mike took the boys and they had so much fun! They helped set up the tent. This picture shows how tall James really is. He just turned 2 and already looks as big as a 3 year old!

Now, if you look closely at the picture of Charlie below there are a few interesting things to note...the first is the small red mark on the left side of his neck (click on the picture to enlarge). How did he get that mark, you ask? Good question! well, he was walking through the park and fell on a stick!! Geez!! Can you imagine how horrible that could've turned out? Anyway, he's fine.
The second thing to note is the outline on his's supposed to be a guitar but looks more like a beer bottle!! Mike picked this up for him at a Festival last year....need I say more.

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