Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Funny Things

Last night the older boys were sitting at the dinner table waiting for me to serve dinner and I heard Charlie say, "James, you're very distinguished." I was dumbfounded! I said to Mike, "Did you hear what he just said?" I asked Charlie where he had learned that word and he told me that he heard it on one of his shows that he watches. It was great to hear him use such a big word and it was funny that he said it to James, the boy who puts crayons in his mouth and smears food on his face and hair!!
This morning I was trying to get James dressed. The problem is that he wants to wear his pajamas all the time. He kept pointing to his shirt and saying to me, "No, wear these!" then he would run away from me. When I finally caught him, I took off the pjs and held him down to change his diaper, then got his pants and tried to put them on while he wiggled and screamed...after a few seconds Charlie came over and held James' face in his hands, got really close to him and said, "James, these are your pjs, okay?" (he was talking about the shirt and pants that I was trying to put on James). After Charlie said this to him he stopped protesting and let me dress him. It was amazing. I said to Charlie, "Wow, that was really good, Thanks." Then Charlie responds, "I was just trying to help." and he did!

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