Monday, November 16, 2009


Yesterday felt like one of the longest days I've had in a long time! I definitely felt outnumbered. The day started out pretty good. Daddy took the older boys to the park for a couple of hours to run around. I think things started to go downhill after lunch time. I came downstairs and wondered why the kitchen floor felt sticky and found out it was because the 2 year old had dropped his lemonade all over it. This is also around the time that the boys started fighting and the 2 year old bit the 4 year old twice...this is, unfortunately, something he learned from daycare. I eventually talked the boys into sitting together and building with blocks. We had a nice time making towers and pyramids. The peace and quiet lasted until dinner time. I ended up giving the 2 year old a time out for throwing food and his spoon on the floor. The 4 year old got a time out for saying "Poopy Head" and "You Stink" to James after I warned him not to say those words at the dinner table. Finally, we finished dinner and I went into the other room to change the baby's diaper. When I came out of the room and into the kitchen I noticed that the 2 year old had dumped the entire box of Nestle chocolate powder all over the kitchen floor! When the 4 year old saw this he was so excited (he loves chocolate) that he ran over and scooped a pile up in his hands and shoved it in his mouth, saying "Mmmm". At this point I'm at a loss...I have two boys with sticky chocolate powder all over their faces, hands and feet running into the living room tracking it on the carpet, dirty dishes, a filthy kitchen floor, clothes in the dryer and clothes in the washer. I decided to quickly clean up the chocolate powder then to go and play with the boys to keep them occupied and out of trouble!

Needless to say when bedtime came around I was happy. With the boys in bed I was able to wash the dishes, mop the floor, finish the laundry and do some ironing...and then sit down and relax for an hour before going to bed. The baby, of course, had other plans and decided to wake up an hour after I fell asleep!

Boys! you gotta love 'em!


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Elizabeth said...

I am exhausted just reading this. You need a spa day! Tomorrow!

Heather said...

ha ha! Oh, how I wish to go to the spa!!

Seriously though...they're a lot of work, but my world is so much better because they're in it!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

Momma Such said...

Wow, sounds like a day in MY house! Thanks so much for following my blog
I'm following you now as well! How could I not? We are living such similar lives! :)