Friday, February 26, 2010

A Beautiful Day of Skiing

Mike and I took off work yesterday and decided to take Charlie, our 4 year old skiing. He loves it and asks to go almost everyday!

We thought we'd surprise him so we told him we were taking him to school and that we had a surprise for him on the way. Once we were in the van and started driving, we drove passed his school. After he realized something was up we let him in on the surprise. He was so excited and had the biggest smile on his face! It was so cute.

The weather was beautiful, the snow was perfect and there were no lines! It was a wonderful day of skiing. All day Charlie kept asking, "When can I ski a Black Diamond?" Then after a couple of runs on the Double Blue slopes we ended up on a run that went off to the left to a Black Diamond and Charlie just started skiing off asking me to follow him. He was saying, "It's ok Mama, you can do it. C'mon it's okay, I'll show you what to do!" It was so funny!! So, Mike and I followed him down! Then towards the bottom of the slope he was saying, "I've got the hang of it, don't worry." He did great. Later if I get a chance I'll post a video of us skiing.

This is how Charlie gets around to the lift or the lodge!

This is me trying to help Charlie stand up and all he wants me to do is get out of the way so he can ski right down the slope. I'm making that face because I'm asking him to stand up and he's just trying to point his skis down the hill so he can go off as fast as he can! funny guy.

This is Charlie going down the Black Diamond slope. You can tell he's fearless, he bombs right down the middle! He says he doesn't want to do S's, he wants to go 99 miles an hour!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great day skiing and can't wait to see the video.

Each time Charlie saw me, he would told me he wanted to ski Black Diamond.

Love, Mom

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