Monday, March 01, 2010

February Fun

The boys had a great weekend. On Saturday Mike got them up early and went to Grammy & Pappy's house in PA. The boys played for a bit and then Mike took Charlie skiing to Ski Roundtop, while James stayed with Grammy and played. Later in the day Grammy, Pappy and James drove up to Roundtop to watch Charlie ski. After a while the boys switched places and James skiied for awhile with Mike.

Yesterday we decided to take the boys to the National Museum of Natural History. Charlie and James had watched the movie "Night at the Museum" on Saturday night and we thought they'd have fun going to the museum the next day! It was a wonderful day out. We drove to Vienna and took the Metro into D.C. The boys did great and enjoyed the museum. They expecially liked the Butterfly Exhibit. Mike took some great photos.

Here's the latest video of Charlie skiing the half pipe and the moguls for Grammy and Pappy to see. He was so excited.


Mel said...

Looks like a fun time!

Momma Such said...

What a fun weekend! I love the photos! The boys look so excited to see the butterflies up close, but who wouldn't be? Very cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We had a great time with the boys on Saturday.

Love, Mom