Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I hear myself saying

Here are some of the things I hear myself saying on a daily basis (not in any particular order):

1. We don't throw food on the floor. (said in response to the 2yr old throwing his food on the floor at the dinner table).
2. Get off of the table. (said in response to both boys climbing on the coffee tables in the living room).
3. No name calling. (said in response to the 4 yr old calling the 2yr old "stinky" and "poopyhead").
4. What's wrong with you? (said in response to all kinds of odd things).
5. Good job.
6. Be nice to your brother. (said in response to either brother hitting, pinching or kicking the other).
7. How do you ask nicely? (said in response to son saying, "I want milk.")
8. What do you say? (said in response to me giving son something and waiting for a "thank you.")
9. Do you need to go to the bathroom? (said in response to son hopping around like he needs to pee.)
10. Did you just do what I think you did? (said last night in response to 2 yr old sitting at the dinner table, looking at me and throwing the food off of his plate and onto the floor, followed by dropping his plate on the floor...all the while locking eyes with me, waiting for my response!)
11. Put your pants on please.
12. Don't take your pants off.
13. Get out of the refrigerator, don't stand in the refrigerator. (said in response to 2 yr old literally standing in the fridge trying to get cheese!)
14. Don't squish the cat. (said in response to boys trying to "hug" the cat)
15. Keep your hands to yourself.
16. Get that out of your mouth.
17. For The Love Of GOD Child...(I once heard my 4 yr old say this to the 2 yr old!!)
18. Clean up your stuff now or whatever is left on the floor goes in the vacuum or the trash!! (this usually works too!)
19. Don't play with the cat's food.
20. That's it! Timeout!

Fortunately, the last thing I hear myself saying is, "I love you. See you in the morning."
Here is an example of #5


Momma Such said...

The video was so cute! Love it when they are nice to each other! The smiles on their faces are so big and so cute! :)

Shell said...

I tell my boys to get off the table ALL the time.

And "where are your pants?" is a constant around here as well as, "You have to have clothes on if you want to go outside."

I'm raising nudists, apparently.

Heather said...

I agree, It is nice when I witness them being sweet to one another!

and Yes! I say that too about the clothes!! that's funny. "please put your pants on."