Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review of Training

Training has been going well. I am loving the Spin classes that I go to each week and I find them to be very motivating. I did my first long run last weekend (7 miles) and it was a good one. I decided to run with a group of people that my husband works with. They run on the W&OD Trail each weekend. They have a volunteer set up at different points on the trail to give out drinks and at the end of the run they have a cooler with drinks and snacks. The other cool thing about this group is that a lot of them are training for the Marine Corps Marathon too; they will have support during the marathon as well as their own tent with massages afterwards! I am glad to be a part of the group.

This is what my training looks like this week:
Monday - 1 hour Spin Class
Tuesday - Speedwork: Half mile warm up, 3 x (1 mile fast then .25 easy)
Wednesday - 1 hour Spin Class
Thursday - Tempo run: 2 miles easy, 2 miles @ Tempo pace then 2 miles easy
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 8 miles
Sunday - Rest

On Sunday I got a new pair of running shorts and I love them

Now all I need is a head band to keep the sweat out of my eyes and my bangs out of my face. I was thinking of getting a Sweaty Band.

On the homefront - Yesterday was Will's first day of daycare and he did great! He didn't cry when I dropped him off and he was happy to see my when i picked him up. I thought today may not go as well since it was the second day, but I am happy to report he did well again. I love my daycare provider and she is so great with kids. I know that he is taken care of well when he is there. That eases my mind a lot.

Charlie is on big adventures with his Grammy and Pappy and my cousin's daughter Olivia in Pennsylvania. He is having lots of fun and I am glad.

James is on grand adventures with his Nana and Grandad at Colonial Beach. He's been to the pool everyday and riding his scooter. I am glad to know that he is having fun too!

Everything is good in my life! We are looking forward to celebrating Will's first birthday this weekend.


Anonymous said...

thanks for entering my giveaway! i love spinning too. it is such a great workout and compliments running so well :)

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for joining along with me in my running adventure. Glad to read you are moving yourself up the priority list. As moms we need to remember we are better for everyone else in our lives if we first take care of ourselves. Many moms forget that or think they can push themselves off until last...we can't and shouldn't. My family will tell you I am a much happier, more energitic, pleasant, giving mom when I have taken a little time to run and clear my head.
I look forward to reading along with you too. Drop me your thoughts and insights so we can help encourage and inspire eachother along the way!

...Barbie... said...

I am so excited to be following your blog! I love the WO&D trail (I was born and raised in Fairfax) and I am too running the Marine Corps! I look forward to tracking your training!! Happy 4th!

Erika said...

Hi Heather! Nike tempo shorts are my favorite too! As a mom of three monkeys, it's hard not to always put yourself on the back burner! Good for you and your decision to turn up the heat! I look forward to following your training!

Teamarcia said...

Hi! Very nice training week! Looks like we are on the same program! I can only dream of spinning 2x/week though. Great job!