Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankfulness and Randomness


I am extremely thankful for my family, this includes my wonderful in-laws. Seriously, I could never imagine having better in-laws or parents than the ones I have and I enjoy spending time with them. When it comes to my parents (and my in-laws) they are very giving, caring, loving and supportive and they enjoy being around their grandchildren. My parents have always set a wonderful example of how I want to live my life and for this I am thankful. I love my family.


My 5 year old was coming up the stairs the other night wearing only his underwear. He pointed to the opening in the front and said, "Look mom, there's a pocket here for me to put something in".

My 3 year old has some new things that he's been saying which I'm not thankful for, they are "shut up" and "stupid" and "pain in the butt". None of these are things that I say to him.

Fun facts: Turkey talk

• Americans feast on 535 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving.
• According the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 45 million turkeys are cooked and eaten in the United States at Thanksgiving. That number represents one sixth of all the turkeys sold in the U.S. each year!
• Domesticated turkeys cannot fly, however wild turkeys can fly up to 55 miles per hour over short distances.
• Only male (tom) turkeys gobble. Females make a clicking noise. The famous gobble is actually a seasonal mating call.
• Turkeys can drown if they look up when it's raining!
• A turkey's field of vision is 270 degrees -- one of the main reasons they're able to elude some hunters.
• There was no milk, cheese, bread, butter or pumpkin pie at the original Thanksgiving Day feast.
• Contrary to popular belief, the Pilgrims did not have big buckles on their clothing, shoes, or hats.
• The cranberry got its name because the pale pink blossoms on the plant resembled a crane's head and neck. The name craneberry stuck, eventually becoming cranberry.
• President Abraham Lincoln established the original date for our National Thanksgiving Day celebration in 1863.
• President Thomas Jefferson scoffed at the idea of establishing a national "Thanksgiving Day."
• The average person consumes 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Emz said...


love it.

Yay for people who love their in-laws and special "pockets".

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

hehe, kids are so darn cute!! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! My sister and i were not allowed to say stupid but we COULD say pidstu...LOL (we couldn't say booger either, but we could say bibbit) :-)

ajh said...

Love the comment your five year old said and don't blame you for not liking the ones your three year old has picked up.

Johann said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We don't have Thanksgiving here but it's been interesting to read how everyone celebrates it.

Lesley @ said...

Another thing to be thankful for... you won my giveaway!!! Hop on over and e-mail me. ;-)

Molly said...

kids crack me up. That 4,500 calorie thing scared me!!!

Peggy said...

Love that quote from your 5 year old! Had me giggling!

Melanie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! The quote from your 5 yr old had me laughing so hard I was SNORTING!!! LOL! I have 2 boys (2 and 6) so I can so relate ;)