Thursday, March 03, 2011

Exciting News!

Earlier this week I was reading Adrienne's blog (which is very funny, go check it out) and found out that she had nominated me to be featured for The Athlete's Plate. This is so cool because it’s perfect timing. I am on a journey right now to improve my overall health as well as my family’s health. I’ve been doing pretty well, but there is always room for improvement and I am constantly on the lookout for new recipes that are healthy and that my family will like. The other concern is that I don't always have lots of time to spend in the kitchen because the more time I spend in the kitchen the more time 3 boys have to draw on the wall with crayons and jump off tables!
If you haven’t heard of The Athlete's Plate then let me enlighten you. Jason from Cook Train Eat Race has a section on his blog aptly called The Athlete's Plate where he creates a menu for a specific person that is yummy and healthy (yes, these two things can go together) and is based on that person’s traits and personality. He even includes the nutritional breakdown for each recipe. I’ve been checking out his blog for awhile now and he always comes up with tasty combinations and recipes that help fuel athletes. Here's a peek into his post this week which I think is very fitting...
Breakfast – Road Rage Raspberry Smoothie
(this is especially good for after a workout as protein & carbs go into the system)

Click HERE for the full menu including recipes.

What’s amazing about Jason is that not only is he a distinctive and unique cook, but he is also training for his first 70.3 (half ironman) in April 2011 and right now he is hosting The Cupcake Marathon 2011.
In Jason’s words, this is a virtual race that is meant to be a fun way to get you active and moving in time for the spring racing season. Event distances will include a 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) and Marathon (26.2 miles) and you do not have to complete the mileage on ONE run but over the course of the two weeks. You will have a chance to win prizes, including cupcakes! It’s Like A Marathon But With A Cherry On Top. Sounds like fun doesn't it? What are you waiting for...sign up!
By the way, if you'd like to be featured for the next edition of The Athlete's Plate, please leave me a comment letting me know what you'd like to improve about your health, eating, lifestyle, etc. I will announce the winner this Sunday.
Big thanks to Adrienne for nominating me and to Jason for being so thoughtful and creating such a yummy and easy to make menu for me this week! I'll be sure to post photos of my meals.


Emz said...

Jason & Adrienne -- so freaking awesome.

Road Rage Raspberry Smoothie


misszippy said...

I love this menu! So glad you got to partake in this with Jason--he's the best.

I need the injured runner's menu--low cal, low cal, low cal. Blah.

Jason said...

Had a lot of fun with your menu Heather and as a step-dad to one 5 year old I know that quick and easy is a necessity so I tried to do that for you.

Hope you enjoy the meals after you create them.

Raegun said...

Love this! I need a menu includes batch-cooking because I have zero time to cook decent meals these days. ;)

Teresa said...

Love it

btw, bird nest ( is made up of about 58% soluable proteins...the highest amoung all food and even synetic protein powders

it greatly increase tissue regeneration

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is cool!!!

funderson said... of food...always my favorite..

Julie said...

That smoothie looks amazing!

I have to check out the cupcake marathon that I see floating around Blogland:) Take care and keep the training!

Amanda@runninghood said...

This is so cool. I laughed when you said that the more time you spend in the kitchen means more time that your boys are drawing on the walls and jump off the table. So so true! I don't spend a ton of time in the kitchen. And I've been drinking my snacks a lot lately...kale, broccoli, spinach, juice, fruit, protein...whatever can think of! :)

Black Knight said...

That raspberry smoothy looks very very good!

Sasha said...

Had never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing. Wow and iron man. that is great. I will check out the menu plan. Loving that smoothie. It looks so yummy.

Molly said...

yay! I'm doing cupcake too, yum. And another yay for being nominated!!