Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our camping trip

We got the van all packed up and ready to go camping on Friday. We decided to leave early and get to Cunningham Falls State Park to set up the tent and everything else. Charlie and James were excited to go!

Here are a few pictures of the boys once we got set up...
Our friends Ruchi and Prashant and their daughter Anika came and stayed on Friday night too. we had lots of fun together and I think they enjoyed their first camping experience! Saturday morning we made breakfast and then Mike, Prashant and Charlie went to see the beautiful waterfall. Later, we ended up going to the lake and the kids got to play in the water and the sand. This was much better than when they were playing in the dirt the day before.
James and Anika Ruchi, James, Anika and Charlie


Anonymous said...

I was as gonna say,where are their parents? Looked like they were on their own! Only saw one picture of you Heather, where was Mike? LOL

The boys looked like they took to camping really well and were having a fun time.

Love, Mom

Jenna said...

What kind of carseats are those? They look like they buckle right from the car's seat.